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Adasinskaia, Galina Antonovna
Galina was born in 1921 in Vil'no (Vilnius), but her family then moved to Leningrad. On 29 July 1938, she and her mother were both exiled to Iaroslavl, where Galina worked in the regional library. She was arrested on 28 May 1941 and sentenced, on 30 July, by the Iaroslavl Oblast Court to 10 years in labour camps and 5 years without civil rights after that. She was confined in the Viatlag camp, in a settlement assigned to forestry work. She gave birth to a daughter there on 7 November 1945, and this was to lead to her early release, on 19 September 1947. She went to live in the town of Rostov in Iaroslavl Oblast and then moved to the Ukraine, finding work in various libraries. In May 1952, she went to her mother's place of exile, in Krasnoiarsk region, and stayed there with her until they both returned to Leningrad in the spring of 1960.

Mother: Adasinskaia, Aleksandra Abramovna, née Broido (1897-1976). Born in the town of Svetsiany in Vil'no Province. Member of the Russian Social Democratic Party from 1916. She worked as a technical expert in the Inventions Committee in Moscow. On 28 June 1929, she was arrested during a visit to her mother, E. L. Broido, who was being held at the Suzdal isolator for political prisoners. She was, however, released after giving a written undertaking that she wouldn't try to leave the country, and the investigation was eventually dropped on 23 July 1931. But on 29 July 1938, she was exiled from Moscow together with her daughter. In her place of exile, in Iaroslavl Oblast, she worked as a school-teacher. On 23 June 1941, she was arrested and sentenced, on 14 August, by the Iaroslavl Oblast Court to 10 years in labour camps. After her release, in June 1951, she was sent into exile in Krasnoiarsk region, where she worked as a night-watch. In the spring of 1960, she was able to return to Leningrad.

Father: Adasinskii, Anton Ippolitovich (1888-1938). Born in Lipetsk, where he went to the local parish school for just two years. He joined the Socialist Revolutionary Party and was arrested several times in the years preceding 1917, being exiled, in 1910, to Enisei Oblast in Siberia. After the October Revolution, he worked for the 'Tsentrosoyuz' co-operative wholesale society. On 3 March 1931, he was arrested in Leningrad but the inquiry was dropped by an OGPU commission on 23 July of that year, and he was released. He then worked as a bookkeeper at the 'Politkatorzhanin' factory until his arrest on 12 February 1938. On 8 June, the NKVD troika of Leningrad Oblast sentenced him to death. He was shot on 18 July 1938.

Grandmother: Broido, Eva L'vovna (1876-1941). Born in Sventsiany, a small town in Vil'no Province. Member of the Russian Social Democratic Party from 1899. She was arrested several times- in 1901, 1913 and 1915. Member of the émigré delegation of the Menshevik faction. On 10 November 1927, she arrived in Moscow illegally and started travelling around the country, visiting Mensheviks who were in exile in such places as Sormovo, Kharkov and Kiev. She was arrested in Baku on 14 April 1928 and taken to Moscow. On 28 June 1928, she was given a 3-year sentence by the OGPU Collegium and was confined in the Suzdal isolator for political prisoners. On 10 April 1931, the OGPU Collegium sentenced her to 3 years' exile in Tashkent. After this term had lapsed, she was sentenced, on 5 May 1934, by the OGPU Collegium to a further 3 years' exile, still in Tashkent. She was arrested there in 1935 and sentenced by a NKVD Special Commission resolution of 28 November 1935 to 5 years' exile in Oirot-Tur. On 4 July 1937, she was rearrested and taken to Moscow, where, on 21 March 1939, she was sentenced to 20 years' imprisonment. She was confined in the prison of Orel. On 8 November 1941, the Military Collegium of the Supreme Court of the USSR sentenced her to death, and she was shot three days later, on 11 November.


The Interviews
Galina Antonovna gave three interviews to Tatiana Kosinova between May 2004 and May 2005.

The Family Archive
The main interest of the archive is a long unpublished memoir of the Viatlag labour camp by I.L. Iurkevich, a fellow-prisoner and life-long friend of Galina Adasinskaia.

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