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Bushueva, Angelina Vladimirovna
Born in Perm, on 15 March 1936. After her parents' arrest (her father was arrested in July 1937, and her mother a year later), she was put into Municipal Orphanage No.1. On 20 June 1940, she was found by relatives on her mother's side and, together with her younger sister, was taken in by her grandmother, Mariia Fedorovna Kamenshchikova. At the end of 1943, she was reunited with her mother, who had served out her sentence of corrective labour in the Akomolinsk Camp for Wives of Traitors to the Motherland (ALZhIR) on the so-called “26th Point,” some 30 km from the city of Akmolinsk [now Astana] in Kazakhstan, and was now living in exile near the camp. In 1946, they returned to European Russia, settling in the village of Nikulino, in the Dobrianka district to the north of Perm, as Angelina's mother had no right of residence in the administrative centre itself. After living in this village for two years and finishing off her school education in Perm, her application to study at a technical school of the aviation industry was turned down, and she enrolled instead at a teacher-training college in Perm, graduating in 1955. Subsequently, she worked first as a teacher in the city of Solikamsk (in Perm Oblast), and then, from 1962 to 1991, in a factory. She is now retired with a pension and lives in Perm. She has been on the board of the Perm Regional Branch of 'Memorial' since 1988, and has received a number of decorations and diplomas for her civic engagement and participation in the public life of the Perm region.

Father: Bushuev, Vladimir Georgievich (1906-1938). Born in the town of Ocher, in Perm Province. After leaving home, he found work as a sailor and was also able to attend classes at an evening school. On completing his course there, he enrolled in a river navigation school, where, subsequently, he was himself to teach for a while. He then worked at the central office of the Kama River Steamship Line before finally being appointed Head of the heating engineering (fuel) unit at a shipbuilding plant in Perm. In 1928, he met and married Zinaida Maksimovna Kamenshchikova, with whom he was to have two daughters: Nelli and Angelina. He was arrested for the first time on 17 July 1934, and was sentenced to 1 year of imprisonment on 5 February 1935. However, it is not clear whether he actually served this sentence or not. On 17 July 1937, he was rearrested, tried under Article 58-7-8-11, and shot by firing squad on 17 January 1938. His sentence was reviewed on 17 May 1957, and he was posthumously rehabilitated.

Mother: Bushueva, Zinaida Maksimovna, née Kamenshchikova (1908-1992). Born into a priest's family in the village of Kasib, in the Solikamsk district of Perm Province. As a result of the Soviet regime's anti-religious campaign, the various churches where her father officiated were closed down one by one, and he was transferred to other areas of Perm Oblast, eventually to the small town of Usol'e. In 1923, Zinaida and her two brothers moved to Perm, where she qualified as a bookkeeper and subsequently worked in the offices of the Kama River Steamship Line and for the 'Vodokanal' Trust. She married Vladimir Georgievich Bushuev in 1928, with whom she was to have two daughters: Nelli and Angelina. Just a few months before her arrest, she gave birth to a son, Vladislav. She was arrested and sentenced to 5 years' imprisonment as a 'family-member of a traitor to the Motherland' by a resolution of an NKVD Special Commission on 28 July 1938. She was sent to the Akmolinsk Camp for Wives of Traitors to the Motherland [ALZhIR], on the so-called “26th Point,” some 30 km from the city of Akmolinsk [Astana] in Kazakhstan. She had not been separated from her infant son – neither whilst being held under investigation in a prison in Perm, nor during her years in the Akmolinsk Camp. At the end of 1943, she was reunited with her two daughters, who had come to Kazakhstan together with their grandmother (Zinaida Maksimovna's mother). In 1946, she was able to return to the Perm area, but without the right to reside in Perm itself, so she settled in the village of Nikulino, in the nearby Dobrianka district, where she lived until 1953. In this village she worked as a bookkeeper for a timber enterprise, and then, after finally being allowed to move to Perm, she was employed by the Regional Economic Council and, later, by the Municipal Public Health Department. She retired with a pension in 1961, but continued to do casual work for a few more years after that. Her sentence was revoked on 17 October 1956. In 1988, she joined the Perm Regional Branch of 'Memorial.' She died in Perm in 1992.


The Interviews
Angelina Vladimirovna was interviewed on three occasions by Robert Latypov.

The Family Archive
The small archive contains official and personal documents; family photographs.

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