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St Petersburg

Evgenova, Irina Nikolaevna
Born in Arkhangel'sk, on 3 October 1924. From 1925 to 1942, she grew up and lived on the Petrograd side of Leningrad. During the Siege, in April 1942, she was exiled as 'politically unreliable' from Leningrad and deported, together with her mother and brother, to the village of Davydkovo in Iaroslavl Oblast. She enrolled at the Iaroslavl Pedagogical Institute, but in 1944, after being called there by her aunt, she was able to return to Leningrad, where she transferred to the University. She graduated from the Faculty of Physics in 1949, and worked in various Scientific Research Institutes for Telecommunications until 1983. She is now living as a pensioner, and has two children and two grandchildren. She was never officially rehabilitated.

Father: Evgenov, Nikolai Ivanovich (1888-1964). A hydrographer, oceanographer and Arctic explorer. He graduated in 1908 from the Naval Cadet Corps, and, in December, took part in the operation to rescue survivors of the Messina earthquake. He was a member of the North Arctic Ocean Hydrographic Expedition (1910-1915), forming part of the team which discovered the Severnaia Zemlia archipelago in 1913. Subsequently, he headed various scientific and ice prospecting expeditions in the Karsk Sea. In May 1938, on his return from the overwintering site of the Third High-Latitude Government Expedition, he was arrested and accused of 'treason against the Motherland and sabotage.' By a resolution of an NKVD Special Commission on 23 December 1939, he was sentenced to 8 years in a labour camp. He was sent first to the Sevurallag camps, and then to the Sevzheldorlag camp in the Komi Autonomous Republic, being granted an early release in 1943. In 1944, he became Director of the Arkhangel'sk Scientific and Naval Research Observatory, and, in 1948, was appointed Professor in Oceanology at the Leningrad Hydrometeorological Institute.

Mother: Evgenova, Nataliia Nikolaevna, née Usova (1900-1980). She studied at the L. S. Tagantseva Gymnasium in Petrograd. After leaving Arkhangel'sk and returning to Leningrad with her husband and two children, she stayed at home as a housewife for some years. In 1933, however, she qualified as a climatologist and was employed by the Central Geophysical Voeikov Observatory in Leningrad from 1932 to 1933. After her husband's arrest, she went to work as a typist at a district People's Court, eventually becoming its President. During the Siege of Leningrad, she was exiled as 'politically unreliable' in April 1942, and deported together with her children to the village of Davydkovo in Iaroslavl Oblast. In 1944, she was reunited with her husband in Arkhangel'sk, where she worked as a climatologist at the Scientific and Naval Research Laboratory. She returned to Leningrad in 1949 but did not take up any employment. She wrote her memoirs, as well as writing down those of her husband.

Brother: Evgenov, Dmitrii Nikolaevich. Born in 1929. In April 1942, he was deported from Leningrad together with his mother and sister, and taken to the village of Davydkovo. He was reunited with his parents in 1944. After finishing school in 1948, he went to Leningrad and enrolled at the Faculty of Biology at Leningrad State University. After graduating, he lived and worked in Moscow. In 1979, during an expedition in Tuva, he was trapped in a torrential flood and drowned. His two youngest children (a son and a daughter) live in Petersburg; his eldest daughter lives in Moscow. If he were still alive, he would be the grandfather of five grandchildren.


The Interviews
Irina Nikolaevna was interviewed by Irina Flige in July 2004.

The Family Archive
The archive contains a wide variety of documents.

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